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A Closer Look at the New 'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2 Trailer  Voir?

We take a closer look at the new "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 trailer first shown at this year's New York Comic Con.
(15/10/2018 @ 02:40)
Chiefs of NASA, Russian Space Agency Pledge Swift Return to Soyuz Launches  Voir?

As NASA and its Russian counterpart Roscosmos continue to investigate what went wrong during last week's crew launch to the International Space Station, both agencies' chiefs have expressed confidence in Soyuz's ability to fly again soon.

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(15/10/2018 @ 01:35)
NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory Bouncing Back from Glitch  Voir?

NASA has identified the glitch that sent its Chandra X-ray Observatory into a protective safe mode last Wednesday (Oct. 10). The scope should be up and running again next week, agency officials said.

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(15/10/2018 @ 01:28)
Future Moon Mission May be Needed to Solve Neil Armstrong Mystery in 'First Man'  Voir?

Sometime in perhaps the not too distant future, a robotic rover, or maybe even an astronaut, will visit a small crater on the moon to answer a mystery inspired by the movie "First Man." (Spoiler warning: this article reveals a major detail from the film.)

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(15/10/2018 @ 10:25)
Space Calendar 2018: Launches, Sky Events & More  Voir?

Here's a guide to the major astronomical events of the next year, as well as space launches and milestones for spacecrafts already in travel.
(15/10/2018 @ 10:00)
Image of the Day  Voir?

As the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft failed to reach orbit on its way to deliver two Expedition 57 crewmembers to the International Space Station last week, astronaut Alexander Gerst photographed the aborted launch from aboard the orbiting laboratory.

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(15/10/2018 @ 09:30)
Space Agencies Welcome New Entrants Developing Satellites for Tracking Greenhouse Gases  Voir?

As a growing number of organizations propose satellites to monitor greenhouse gases, national space agencies who already operate such spacecraft welcome those new entrants — as long as they're willing to share their results.

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(15/10/2018 @ 07:35)
A Blue-Velvet Universe: Very Large Telescope Captures Invisible Glow of Deep Space  Voir?

The whole sky appears to glow in a new photo from the European Southern Observatory.
(15/10/2018 @ 07:30)
Milky Way Meets Zodiacal Light Over ALMA Observatory (Photo)  Voir?

This scene shows the magnificent presence of the Milky Way galaxy, full of nebulous clouds of interstellar gas and dust and sparkling star clusters shining bright in one of the most pristine dark-sky sites in the world.

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(15/10/2018 @ 07:30)
Boeing Plans Changes for Upper Stages NASA's Space Launch System Megarocket  Voir?

With NASA's decision to continue using an interim upper stage for additional flights of the Space Launch System, Boeing is working on changes to both that stage and a more powerful upper stage.
(15/10/2018 @ 07:30)
On This Day in Space! Oct. 15, 1997: Cassini-Huygens Launches to Saturn  Voir?

On Oct. 15, 1997, NASA launched the Cassini spacecraft on a mission to explore Saturn and its moons. It lifted off aboard a Titan 4B rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series!

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(15/10/2018 @ 07:00)
(15/10/2018 @ 07:00)
Eyewitness Observer of Dramatic Soyuz Launch Abort Describes What He Saw  Voir?

An eyewitness at the aborted Soyuz launch yesterday (Oct. 11) to the International Space Station saw an odd smoke trail emerging from the rocket as the crewmembers' craft separated to make a daring landing back on Earth.

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(14/10/2018 @ 08:46)
First Look at YouTube Premium's Sci-Fi Series 'Origin'  Voir?

A new trailer and footage for YouTube Premium's sci-fi series "Origin" were shown at New York Comic Con.
(14/10/2018 @ 08:42)
Suiting Up for 'First Man': Ryan Gosling Digs His Authentic NASA Spacesuits  Voir?

From his career as a test pilot to his famous first steps on the moon, Neil Armstrong donned all kinds of interesting outfits at work. While filming the new Armstrong biopic "First Man," lead actor Ryan Gosling got to look and feel like the real Neil whil

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(14/10/2018 @ 08:40)
Soyuz Space Crew Launch Failure 2018: Full Coverage  Voir?

On Oct. 11, 2018, a Russian Soyuz rocket failed during the launch of two astronauts toward the International Space Station. Read all about the incident and its aftermath here.
(14/10/2018 @ 08:07)
Hubble Space Telescope Should Be Back in Action Soon  Voir?

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope shouldn't be sidelined for too much longer. Mission team members are working to get a balky gyroscope online, but Hubble can operate without it if needed, agency officials said.

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(13/10/2018 @ 08:20)
NASA's Kepler Planet-Hunting Space Telescope Wakes Up Again  Voir?

NASA's Kepler space telescope, which has discovered more than 2,600 alien planets to date, emerged from yet another slumber Thursday (Oct. 11).
(13/10/2018 @ 08:19)
Spot the Moon with Saturn in Sunday's Night Sky  Voir?

When skywatchers acquire their first telescope, I suspect there are two objects at the top of their observing list: the moon and the ringed planet Saturn.
(13/10/2018 @ 08:00)
'Crazy' Rocky Surface of Asteroid Ryugu Revealed in MASCOT Lander Images  Voir?

The European MASCOT lander bounced down to the rocky surface of an asteroid last week.
(13/10/2018 @ 07:59)

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