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Image of the Day  Voir?

This view of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex was captured by the European Space Agency's Gaia satellite, which just released its second massive data dump from its all-sky survey today.
(25/04/2018 @ 09:40)
Asteroid Miners' Arkyd-6 Satellite Aces Big Test in Space  Voir?

Planetary Resources' tiny Arkyd-6 satellite has completed all its mission goals in Earth orbit, just three months after lifting off atop an Indian rocket, company representatives said.
(25/04/2018 @ 07:17)
China's Chang'e 4 Moon-Relay Satellite Gets a Name from Folklore  Voir?

The China National Space Administration has announced the name of the relay satellite to be used in the country's Chang'e 4 mission to the moon's far side.
(25/04/2018 @ 07:14)
'A is for Astronaut' Is a Fun Space Book for All Ages (and It's Written by an Astronaut!)  Voir?

Clayton Anderson was at a bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska, when the ambush happened.
(25/04/2018 @ 07:10)
Jupiter's Great Red Spot Swirls in Stunning Up-Close Photo by Juno Probe  Voir?

A new photo by NASA's Juno spacecraft captures Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot in all its angry, swirling glory.
(25/04/2018 @ 07:05)
On This Day In Space! April 25, 1990: STS-31 Deploys Hubble Space Telescope  Voir?

On April 25, 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope was deployed! It hitched a ride to space on the space shuttle Discovery with mission STS-31. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series.

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(25/04/2018 @ 07:00)
Proton: Russian Rocket Family  Voir?

The Proton is a family of Russian rockets that have been in use since 1965. The rocket line has lifted off more than 400 times, mostly to launch commercial and Russian government satellites.
(24/04/2018 @ 11:09)
You 'Knead' to See Garlic Bread Fly into the Stratosphere, Then Get Eaten! (Video)  Voir?

This tasty stratosphere experiment goes against the (whole) grain.
(24/04/2018 @ 03:13)
Astronaut Chris Hadfield Teaches Spaceflight Essentials in New MasterClass Series  Voir?

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is sharing his knowledge of space in a new MasterClass video series designed to help future astronauts and space tourists with their own missions. Enrollment opens today (April 24).

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(24/04/2018 @ 02:35)
15 Space Travel Tips from an Astronaut  Voir?

For wannabe astronauts and space tourists, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield offers a lengthy video guide that goes over the intricacies of space flight. Here are the top tips from his master class.
(24/04/2018 @ 02:34)
A Google Street View Car Drove Right Through the Path of the 2017 Solar Eclipse  Voir?

The most-viewed eclipse in history had an unexpected witness: A Google Street View car drives right through totality, offering a surprising celestial treat for visitors scoping out the event in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

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(24/04/2018 @ 10:53)
Space Calendar 2018: Launches, Sky Events & More  Voir?

Here's a guide to the major astronomical events of the next year, as well as space launches and milestones for spacecrafts already in travel.
(24/04/2018 @ 10:40)
Stephen Hawking Signed This Book Before His ALS Took Over. Now It's Up for Auction.  Voir?

A book that the late physicist Stephen Hawking signed in 1973, back when he was still able to hold a pen and scrawl out his autograph, is hitting the auction blocks.
(24/04/2018 @ 10:32)
NASA Doesn't Know What Poked These Holes in the Arctic's Sea Ice  Voir?

NASA scientists flying over the arctic earlier this month spotted strange shapes out the window, but they aren't sure what caused them.
(24/04/2018 @ 10:23)
Dark Photons Probably Don't Exist, and If They Did, They'd Be Super Weird  Voir?

A measurement of the fine structure constant puts significant limitations on the existence of these dark partners to ordinary light particles.
(24/04/2018 @ 07:23)
This Ice Is Nearly As Hot As the Sun. Scientists Have Now Made It on Earth.  Voir?

For the first time, researchers re-created the high-pressure water ice likely found in the interiors of Uranus and Neptune.
(24/04/2018 @ 07:19)
Planets Aplenty with the TESS Mission: Q&A with the Director of the Kavli Institute  Voir?

Jacqueline Hewitt discusses how NASA's TESS exoplanet mission has already changed the institute she directs and will bring about further evolution in the years to come.
(24/04/2018 @ 07:18)
Twin-Star Systems May Give Their 'Tatooine' Planets the Boot (Here's Why)  Voir?

Worlds with twin suns, like Luke Skywalker's fictional home Tatooine in "Star Wars," may be rare because closely paired stars gravitationally hurl planets away from them, a new study finds.
(24/04/2018 @ 07:17)
Space Industry Expresses Support for Bridenstine's Confirmation as NASA Chief  Voir?

NASA's next administrator, Jim Bridenstine, is set to be sworn into office April 23 as the space industry breathes a sigh of relief that his extended confirmation process is finally over.
(23/04/2018 @ 05:53)
Blue Origin Expects BE-4 Rocket Engine Qualification Tests to Be Done This Year  Voir?

The chief executive of Blue Origin says he expects the company's BE-4 engine to complete qualification testing by the end of the year as the company ramps up work on its New Glenn orbital rocket.
(23/04/2018 @ 05:43)

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